Silvani Antincendi S.p.A is the largest Italian Company in Fire Fighting Equipment and System. With its own resources, it engages in the following activities.

  • Fire Protection System design Engineering
  • Manufacture, Installation and Maintenance
  • Training of customer’s operating personnel
  • Risk analysis.
  • Portable and mobile equipment
  • Fire trucks and wheeled systems
  • Fixed system for the fire protection of;
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Off-shore platform and oil terminal
  • Power plants
  • Merchant and Military ships.

MAN B & W Diesel (UK)

MAN B & W Diesel (UK) is the manufacturer of Ruston Diesel generators, one of the Leading Diesel generators in the world. MAN B&W Diesel (UK) also provides technical and engineering supports for the supply, installation and after sales services including overhauls, spare parts supplies and human capacity building for all clients sprayed all over the world. Laga  International Ltd is the Sole representative of M.A.N B&W Diesel (UK) in Nigeria. The group have handled various repairs including overhauls of the generators including supply of spares in Nigeria.


Electronic Systems and Control (ESC) is a division of Abacab International Computers. The company offers a complete pre-engineering hazard protection systems. It specializes in the field of automatic start-up shutdown/interlock and sequent control, annunciation, process control, remote monitoring and counting systems.

The experienced ESC engineers are at our disposal to render after sales services and training of personnel on their equipment and system as necessary at cost.

The underlisted conventional facilities are readily available from ESC:

  • Flame Detector (Ultra Violet and Infra-Red based)
  • Gas Detection
  • Optical Gas Detection
  • Eagle 2000th hazard event monitoring system
  • Protector


Hindle Cockburns Ltd, UK is a worldwide renowned company in ball valve technology with over 30 years of experience.

The company supplies and/ manufactures the following:

  • Twin Seal Valves
  • Ultra-Seal (Floating) ball valves
  • Supa-Seal turnion mounted and high pressure valve,
  • Ken-seal designed valves
  • Tri-seal (three pieces design)
  • General “twin-seal” plug valves
  • Line Blinds
  • Stainless steel, gate glove and check valves.


ELE International Ltd specializes in Design, Manufacture and Supply of Quality Environment Testing Equipment, Instrumentation and Construction Materials.

The facilities available from ELE International includes:

  • Geotechnical Engineering (Environment Protection)
  • Concrete Technology
  • Asphalt Technology
  • Laboratory Design and Installation
  • After Sales Technical Services and Training
  • ELE International is also ISO 9001 quality certified.


WasteQuip is a manufacturing and service company in oil and gas industries.
The company manufactures equipment such as tanker trucks, vacuum trucks, conveyors and other oil services tools which includes:

  • Mobile fuel systems
  • Lubrication systems
  • Fuel dispensing units
  • Self-erecting asphalts silo
  • Water/crude/fuel tanks
  • Feed din and conveyors
  • Asphalt storage tanks
  • Asphalt plant systems

The company has distribution network in over 100 countries worldwide providing quality after sales technical services and training on their equipment.